Thursday, December 5, 2019

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Planet Waves
Universal RG6 RCA Connector

The Planet Waves Universal RCA Connector sets a new standard in the termination of Coaxial Cable. The usual process of terminating coax involving stepped stripping and crimping tools has been eliminated. Two step stripping tools typically create a painful process of exposing the coaxial dielectric followed by pushing and twisting of an RCA connector onto the cable in order to "prep" it for crimping via a costly crimping tool. Through the use of Planet Waves one step strip tool (Part #SSFBT) the coaxial jacket, shield, and insulator are cut and removed in a single step leaving just the copper center conductor exposed and prepped to correct length for the connector. The Coaxial cable is then simply inserted into the Universal RCA connector. The quick and easy process is completed by tighting down the patented screw that cuts the jacket to complete the connection while holding the connector securely in place. The result is a connection that has been fully tested for superior 75 ohm signal transfer while offering speed, time efficiency, and quality all in one connection.